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Video: Ending that must be seen to be believed

By Matt Norlander

Kaboom. And kaboom. And KABOOM!

There were a reported 1,631 people inside Kellogg Gym in Pomona, Calif., Friday night. Ten years from now, that number will swell to at least five times over due to "first-person" recounts thanks to how legendary this ending was.

Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Dominguez Hills -- a couple of D-II schools -- played a double-OT regular-season finale that is one for the ages. This age, any age, all ages can appreciate this sort of end-of-game dynamite. The California Collegiate Athletic Association game was decided by three baskets, three 3-pointers, in the final 8.7 seconds. It was, and is, the absolute epitome of emotional swings in sports.

This is why basketball's so great. You don't get the pendulum to sway like this so fast, and three times, in any other sport. Check the first shot at the beginning, by Cal Poly Pomona's DeRonn Scott, then click to 2:30 to see the rest. A kid by the name of Mitchel Anderson hits the 60-foot shot to give the Pomona Broncos a 60-58 win. My favorite detail: there wasn't a single point scored in the first overtime. First the drought, then came the rain.

Exasperated play-by-play men always make that moment better. It's like they're willing a woman to birth.

By the way, Robert Willhite sank the 3 from the top of the key for Dominguez Hills with just .6 seconds left, giving the Toros the fleetest of leads. Willhite, just .6 away from being a legend. 

(Dutiful hat tip to The Big Lead for getting spreading this first.)
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Karl Hess ejects Tom Gugliotta

UPDATE, 10:18 p.m.: ACC supervisor of officials, John Clougherty, released a statement:
"Under Rule 10, when circumstances warrant, an official has the authority to request home game management to eject fans when the behavior, in the officials' judgement, is extreme or excessive. It's unfortunate in this instance that ACC protocol of communicating directly with the home game management was not followed, and instead, a building security officer was solicited. We will re-communicate this policy with all officials to ensure proper protocol is followed."

By Jeff Goodman

It's time for Karl Hess to go. 

The veteran referee tossed former N.C. State stars Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani with about six minutes left in the 76-62 loss to Florida State on Saturday afternoon. 

"There were seven or eight different calls we were contesting," Corchiani told CBSSports.com. "We were yelling, but we didn't even yell a profanity or even threaten him." 

Hess, who has already worked 74 games this season, declined to comment when approached after the game by an Associated Press reporter. Corchiani said he was with his wife and 11-year-old daughter while Gugliotta and his 14-year-old daughter were sitting next to them in the front row. 

"We're not denying we were all over him, but I've been doing that every game I've been at since I retired," said Corchiani, who said he attends just about every N.C. State game. "That's homecourt advantage. But again, we never used profanity or crossed the line. We were just on him about some of the calls he made." 

Corchiani said that Hess had to game stopped earlier and tried to have another fan ejected. Then after the 6-foot-10 Gugliotta stood out and yelled something at Hess from just a handful of feet away, Hess went to a police officer and had both former N.C. State stars escorted out of the building.  

"It was wild," Corchiani said. 


I'm not one to complain about bad calls.

I am one to post hilarious videos of puffy-chested officials throwing out local legends at basketball games. That's what Karl Hess did Saturday afternoon when he gave beloved N.C. State alums Tom Gugliotta (Googs!) and Chris Corchiani the hook.

NFL senior blogger Will Brinson -- an absolutely insufferable Wolfpack alum and homer -- was ready and waiting for this. A hat tip to him for promptly getting us the video. As for Hess, unless what Googs and Corchiani were saying was highly offensive, this is pretty bad. Just another zebra with an ego trip and a penchant for the spotlight. It's getting old, nearly as old as him.

UPDATE: Corchiani tweeted that he didn't use profanity, and even the Florida State assistant AD admitted he didn't believe the two should've been thrown out.

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Murray State finally loses its first game

Isaiah Canaan's superb play, for once, wasn't enough. (AP)

By Matt Norlander

College basketball needed 94 days, but just as it’s happened every time for the past 36 years, there will be no undefeated team in the sport this season. Everyone finishes with a flaw. Murray State, surprisingly, earned its first flaw by falling on its home floor to Ohio Valley foe Tennessee State Thursday night, 72-68.

Tennessee State’s actually putting a nice run together; it's now won six straight, the longest streak of its season. Before tonight, third-year Tigers coach John Cooper had faced Murray State five times. His record: 0-5 with an average losing margin of 19.2 points. Yes. Unexpected. The last win for the Tigers over the Racers came on Valentine's Day in 2008.

The Racers were done in by two things, specifically: three turnovers in the final 12 seconds and eagerness to create T-shirts that boasted of the team's accomplishments. They had their chances Thursday night, though. In fact, the Steve Prohm's team should have won, stumbles and falls and all. Tennessee State, a team not particularly outstanding in any major statistical category, had a season-high 15 steals tonight. Racers star Isaiah Canaan scored 31, but his teammates combined for the other 37 points on 13-of-37 shooting, 3-of-13 from 3-point range.

There’s a slow and undeniable crank to any team’s season that gets to February without a scratch. When that team’s a mid-major unaccustomed to the spotlight and national attention, the vice squeezes even harder. Without knowing how the Murray State bus rides and locker room and practice sessions have been the past two or three weeks, it's fair to spice in that assumption as to why the run ended the way it did.

The real let-down here is that Murray State doesn’t get to face Saint Mary’s in BracketBusters without a loss. If it had, that game would’ve been the highlight of next Saturday’s slate. Now, it’s an intriguing game but certainly not the marquee.

This is how Murray State's perfection came undone. Thanks to RunTheFloor.com for getting the quick video.

We still love you, Racers fans.
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Kent State's Chris Evans can get up and over

By Matt Norlander

It was a pretty great Saturday for Kent State's Chris Evans. The 6-7 junior forward had three degrading dunks on/against Western Michigan in a game Evans' Golden Flashes won, 78-73. Kent State is 16-6 overall, but at 6-3 in the incredibly loaded MAC East, it's a fourth-place team in the division. So let's do the modern thing and celebrate a team not because of it's record, but because it's got a guy who knows how to flush.

Evans, who averages 10 points and four boards per game, has about 30 dunks this year, according to Kent State athletics.

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Video: Wild ending to Creighton-Northern Iowa

By Matt Norlander

Creighton is now a two-loss team in the Missouri Valley because Anthony James hit a spectacular 3-point shot at the buzzer to kill off the Bluejays, who seconds before tied the game on a 3. The final: 65-62.

What made the finish so terrific was the back-to-back bombs. Creighton's Antoine Young -- not All-American contender Doug McDermott -- buried a 3 to tie the game at -- you know what, just watch how it ended. This has been a splendid Saturday so far.

Posted on: January 19, 2012 10:26 am

Very fun video of Iowa State's buzzer-beater

By Matt Norlander

Unbeknownst to me, there was no Night Court last night. If you came by for a nightly recap, allow me to apologize on behalf of the whole blog. But I think I'll blame it all on Parrish, even though he was stuck in an airport for like four hours, waiting for any plane to whisk him back to Memphis.

So because we lacked a Night Court, we didn't yet get the chance to share this video. Iowa State beat Oklahoma State at home last night. That is not surprising; Iowa State is better than Oklahoma State. But Hilton Coliseum, that building can shake when the team's good. And it will rattle when something big happens.

Something big happened last night. Scott Christopherson (a man who sounds like his forefathers couldn't decide on a last name, and one who undoubtedly is on his way to becoming a singer-songwriter) banked home the game-winner. One of the fans in attendance had their phone going. It is very loud, so dial down the volume on your computer before hitting play.

My buddy, Jeff Eisenberg, got on his horse and tracked down Christopherson after the win. The young man claims getting to 3-2 in the Big 12 was more near and dear to his heart than making that shot, which is a less-than-impeccable lie. Hey, it happens. I had Cincinnati players telling me winning at Pitt was bigger than winning at UConn.

Anyway, great shot by Christopherson, and I eagerly await his indie folk album upon completing his college career. Iowa State is now 13-5 and floating into the bubble conversation.
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75-foot buzzer-beater gives NAIA school a victory

By Matt Norlander

Last-second heaves never get old. Ever. The two-second traverse always gets your attention. People believe, What if? Will it? Looks like it can. And every so often, it does. The ball, the shot, is true. And everyone, except those on the losing end, pops out of their clothes.

Saturday night, college basketball got one of its best game-winners you'll see all season. Chase Spreen a Lindsey Wilson College senior guard from Bedford, Ind., chucked the shot after one dribble and two steps. The initial camera shot doesn't even keep up with the ball. The replay's even better, though. Down goes Georgetown College, 79-78.

Every good buzzer-beater becomes a great one if the play-by-play man gives his heart and soul to the moment. That certainly happened here -- and then some. This is committing to the moment. Hell, this is marrying yourself to it.

(H/T, Duo-County Telecom for getting the video)
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Video: Parrish gabs Syracuse and Kentucky

Gary Parrish isn't ready to declare Syracuse the best team in the country. As for Kentucky, he takes UK over UNC -- something that wasn't the case in the preseason. Parrish went on Tim Brando's radio show this morning to discuss three of the country's top teams.

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